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Denis Singerean


I recently moved into my first home and I could not wait to redecorate it! It is pretty much stuck in the 1980’s, so I had a big task on my hands! I decided to start with the bathroom. I literally got everything ripped out and started from scratch to really make it my own.

After the bath, sink and toilet was chosen and installed I decided to add the finishing touches, so I visited Choicelle’s website for inspiration. I wanted some really good quality accessories and fixtures to make the bathroom look clean and modern and ended up finding what I wanted in about half an hour!

I bought the Brass Lacento set, which was solid and felt weighty as they are made of brass, so I know I won’t have to re-purchase anything in the near future! I installed everything really quickly and easily, so that was great.

They really did add a great touch to complete my bathroom and now I can focus on getting the kitchen started!