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  • Planning And Maintaining Your Bathroom

    January 03, 2014 (Photos)

    Planning and Maintaining Your Bathroom



    Your bathroom is one room in the house that you can be sure will always be used. As a result, it is important to perform regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure that it always looks good and functions appropriately.


    Determining the correct placement for bathrooms and the accessories they contain.



    The most important factor to consider when determining bathroom location is a person's need for acoustical and visual privacy.

    Always make certain that bathrooms and powder rooms are located in an area accessible from a common hallway. You should never situate a bathroom where visitors will have to go through bedrooms to get to it.

    At least one bathroom should be located on the main floor.

    Make certain bathroom doors are equipped with working privacy locks.


    Mirrors should be placed above or close to the sink at a height that factors in the eye height of those that will most frequently be using the mirror. Generally the bottom of the mirror should be placed 38" to 42" from the floor.

    Towel bars are commonly placed 48" from the floor. However, this may need to be altered slightly if children will be the primary users.

    The appropriate placement of a toilet paper holder is 8-12 inches in front of the toilet bowl's edge. It should be centered 26 inches above the floor.

    Other accessories including soap dishes, robe holders, and more should be placed close to bath fixtures where they will be most often used. They should be easy for visitors to find and reach.


    Maintenance Checklist


    Bathroom Maintenance


    It is important that showers and bathrooms have a good bead of caulk. Caulk provides a moisture barrier, preventing water from reaching areas that could be damaged if exposed to water. Caulk should be reapplied a minimum of once yearly or when you notice that deterioration or separation has occurred.


    Bathtubs, toilets, and sinks should be regularly clean to make sure they look their best.


    Regularly inspect the area around the toilet base for the presence of water stains. If water stains appear, it is an indication that the sealing ring is worn out. If the sealing ring is not replaced, you can anticipate more leaks. Also, open the back of the toilet to make certain everything appears to be in good working condition.


    The perfect time to assess towel bars and hooks for proper functioning is when you purchase new towels. If a towel bar has become dented or loose, it is time to replace it.


    When checking towel bars for damage, also evaluate the need for additional towel bars and hooks or consider if they may need to be moved to a different place in the bathroom. Simply adding a hook to hold another robe or moving a towel bar a few inches to the right can make a significant difference.


    Choicelle Hardware Inc. is the perfect place to shop for bathroom accessories. We have a large selection of towel bars, toilet paper holders, soap dispensers, and more to choose from.


    It is a good idea to be familiar with certain terms and definitions prior to visiting your local retailer.


    Center to Center: This is a measurement term commonly used in the industry for sizing. It is the distance of one center to the other center on an object, such as a towel bar. The simplest method of correctly doing this is by measuring from the outer edge of the flange on one to the inner edge of the other flange.


    Diameter: This term refers to the thickness or width of the bar or the flange.


    Overall Length: This simply means the entire length of the item.


    Projection: This is term used for how much the fixture sticks out from the surface.



    Choicelle Hardware Inc. has everything you need to take your bathroom from worn and boring to gorgeous and elegant without having to complete an entire remodel. Imagine your master bathroom as a retreat where you can relax after a long and stressful day. Picture an elegant powder room that you are proud to direct visitors to. Choicelle Hardware Inc. has everything you need to make your vision a reality without spending thousands of dollars .


    You can choose from an array of stunning fixtures made from copper, brass, glass, and stainless steel in several design patterns. Everything that you need to update your bathroom is available from mirrors to robe hooks and garbage cans. Perhaps the best part is the fact everything sold at Choicelle Hardware is affordable. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars remodeling your bathroom.


    Choicelle Hardware has the high end bathroom accessories you want at prices you can afford.





  • 10 Tips For Saving Money Shopping Online

    December 30, 2013 (Photos)

    10 tips for saving money shopping online

    With access to the internet becoming so easy, almost every business has gone online today. Shopping sites like Amazon, Freewebstore, Choicelle, Google Shopping and eBay have become very famous and are ranked among the top sites of the world. Social networking sites like Facebook are also being used to publish various ads to attract customers. Facebook has got the maximum active users of all social networking sites today and hence is a good way to attract customers.

    These days you get everything online; right from your clothes, shoes, accessories, air tickets to even your bathroom fittings. There are various advantages of buying things online. The first and the foremost thing is that you do not have to go all the way to the stores to buy things. You can just order them online. Also, these shopping sites are open 24X7. You can use the website at any time of the day as per your convenience. You also get the advantage of privacy when you buy things online. There is nobody to look over you. It is a good way to send gifts to someone sitting miles away. You just need to place an order online.

    Online shopping also has some drawbacks. If you want to buy clothes online, the major drawback is that you cannot try them. If you have some queries, you cannot get them answered instantly. If you are paying online, you always need to be careful that you do not get scammed by a phishing site. You also need to be aware of online scams.

    The advantages of online shopping far outweigh the cons and today it is a highly popular way of buying almost anything. Here are some tips which can help you save money while you are buying things online

    1.      Whenever you are buying a product online, always remember to compare between various sites. There may be a wide difference in the price of the same product on two different sites. Suppose you saw an ad of a product on Facebook for some amount, the price of the product may not be same on some other site. So, it is very important that you buy it from the one which is the cheapest. There are online services available which can help you to discover the site with the best deal.

    2.      Before placing an order, check if the website offers free shipping or not. Some of the sites offer free shipping while others do not. Sometimes what happens is that you get free shipping if your total purchase crosses a particular amount. So, before placing an order check that if it is so and try to pick a service that offers free shipping to get greater savings.

    3.      The major thing to note is that the price online is not always the same and keeps changing to accommodate new offers and discounts. So, always try to look for special offers.

    4.      When you visit a new shopping site, and if you want to purchase something from the site, it is advisable that you first sign up to the site and register yourself on that site. These sites give special discounts and coupons to registered customers so it will be profitable for you.

    5.      The shopping sites give coupons time and again, and you can use them to get discounts. Always search for coupons online before placing an order. There are many free coupon codes available online. The way to get coupons is to subscribe for the newsletter of the site.

    6.      Always look for discounts and rebates. You should avoid buying a product at its marked price, if you are buying it online since you can get that price at your local store as well.

    7.      Low prices can sometimes be deceptive. For example, you want to buy bathroom accessories, and you saw an ad on Facebook of it. You like it both in terms of looks and price. But, you should check for the customer reviews before you buy it.

    8.      There are some special discounts generally mid week between Wednesday and Friday.  

    9.      Buy things using Shopping Apps. May services give bonus discounts when you shop through official iPhone or Android apps.

    10.  Buy after holidays. The traffic is the highest during holidays and prices are not very low despite advertisements that claim heavy discounts are being offered.

  • Shopping Online For Bathroom Accessories

    December 24, 2013 (Photos)

    Shopping Online for Bathroom Accessories

    There is a growing trend of shopping over the internet rather than from a mall or a departmental store. The internet is fast becoming a trustworthy and reliable source of information, research and shopping. If you plan to renovate your bathroom, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of bathroom accessories available on the internet. There are lots beautiful as well as useful bathroom accessories that one can adorn their bathrooms with. While you browse the internet for bathroom hardware, towel rack, toilet paper holder, robe hook and other things, there are some very useful tips that you can utilize for in order to save money by shopping online.


    The first and foremost thing that you should keep in mind while shopping online for bathroom accessories, is the color of its walls. If the interior of your bathroom has already been painted, keep that color in mind when you start shopping online. Everyone has his / her unique tastes and obviously people want to incorporate those tastes in their bathrooms as well. If your bathroom hasn’t already been painted, you should paint it right away. The paint is the first thing that should be done. The online shopping for bathroom accessories should be taken up only after this initial work is completed. It is imperative that you decide beforehand whether you want copper bathroom accessories or brass bathroom accessories since it affects the price of the products


    Once the walls of the bathroom have been painted and you have a clear idea regarding its decoration, you should decide the amount of money that you are ready to spend in your bathroom. The amount of money that you will be spending on your bathroom will depend largely on the quality of the accessories that you plan to buy. That amount maybe around a few hundred dollars. Most people either do not have that kind of money to spend on their bathrooms or they are not ready to spend so much money on it. This makes it imperative that you do all your calculations ahead of time. This will be a very important time saving factor when you actually start the process of online shopping for your bathroom accessories.


    After you have decided on the budget, you will be able to narrow down your search to the items that fall within the range that you have already decided. This will make your online shopping experience much more rewarding since you will not be spending time on researching all those items that you cannot afford.


    Online shopping for bathroom hardware allows you to visit various websites that offer discounts on their products. Some bathroom accessories are really expensive and there are websites that only sell these fancy products. If you can’t afford them, let them alone. Don’t waste your time on things that you will not be buying. It’s better if you keep looking for the modest and modern items. There are also some sites that offer bathroom accessories at wholesale prices because they have large stocks of those products. These websites will also provide a good opportunity for saving money.


    There are a few sites that offer complete bathroom sets rather than selling individual bathroom accessories. These websites will allow you to buy a complete set for your bathroom at a very reasonable price. If you want to buy one of these sets, you may find a lot of them on the internet from where you can choose one that caters to your need. The process is extremely easy as well as cost effective


    One of the most useful aspects of online shopping is comparing prices. Comparison and purchase are the final step in your online shopping experience. Once you have chosen the bathroom accessories, you should make the purchase right away. You can also try to secure a free shipment deal in order to save some bucks in transportation.

    Choicelle Hardware Inc.


    December 20, 2013 (Photos)
  • Pros And Cons Of Online Shopping

    December 13, 2013 (Photos)
    • Pros And Cons Of Buying Bathroom Accessories Online

    Pros and Cons of online shopping

    In this era of technology, when people are spending more and more time online, it is natural that some of the time will be spent shopping online. Thus, online shopping can be considered not only as a necessity, but also as a pastime for some. However, like any other action, this also has some pros and cons or some positive and negative aspects.

    Pros of online shopping

    The positive features of the online shopping are really good in number. Hence, if you are planning for bathroom accessories online from Choicelle Hardware Inc, all you need to do is visit their online store and you will be offered with a variety of products to choose from. Thus, for online shopping there are a couple of positive facts. The first one is that you can choose whatever you want from the comforts of your home. When you are going for offline shopping, you have to stand in queue and sometimes for long hours while shopping. However, this is not the case with the online shopping.

    When you are shopping online, you do not need to visit any store or any shop, this is a huge benefit and helps you to save not only your time and effort, but also your money in some cases. You do not have to drive, get trapped in traffic jams and also you need not look for spaces in the parking lot. This will definitely save your time. All you will need to do is sit and place an order. If you shop online, you can also buy whenever you want and whatever you want. You do not have any sales people who will suggest what to buy and since the stores are open 24 X 7, you have ample opportunity to buy even in the midnight when you will not find any offline stores open.

    Cons of online shopping

    Now that you know the positive aspects of the online shopping, let us discuss the negative effects. Now, if you want to buy bathroom accessories from Choicelle Hardware Inc, you might not need to visit an offline store. However, with that, you will miss out certain opportunities. In the online stores you do not have the opportunity to touch and see things. This is important when you are planning to try out the garments. Also, if you are buying from any overseas online store, you need to pay the shipping charges that are in place. Another negative aspect of an online store is that you cannot negotiate and you have to buy at the price that is suggested. In addition to this, there is one major risk that is present in the online stores and that is a privacy problem. If the website is not secure enough, then your personal details will be public in no time.

    Hence, keeping the above discussion, it can be concluded that an online store is of great advantage and helps you solve time related issue. However, it also has a couple of negative aspects and hence, it is up to you to choose if you want to shop online or not.


    Choicelle's statement 

    We at Choicelle Hardware Inc. are constantly improving our online store in order to assured that your online shopping experience with Choicelle will be a breeze. Your personal information is secure with us and if you are not absolutely satisfied with your purchase we will be happy to exchange it or refund it as per our Returns and Exchanges policy.

  • Decorate Your Bathroom With Choicelle’s Elegant Bathroom Accessories

    December 11, 2013 (Photos)

    Decorate your bathroom with Choicelles elegant Bathroom Accessories

    The bathroom is the most essential part of the house. Provided that you can embellish your washroom with advanced modern adornments set, it will doubtlessly get changed over into the comfortable place of your house.

    Choicelles elegant Bathroom accessories is unique

    Choicelle's bathroom accessories keeping your taste of luxury in mind. All the accessories come with style, durability and fulfillment . These bathroom accessories give you a new unique look with modern styling. All products are made of Zinc alloy which makes it rust free. The modern 4pcs. Bathroom Accessories set include – Towel Bar, Towel Ring, Paper holder, Robe Hook, White box, Anchor sets and screws to mount on the bathroom surface for your styling. 

    Beneficial for your bathroom

    You can put the towel holder close to the spot of the shower which will give an elegant look to the bathroom.  Various  anchor sets are provided in the pack for easy installation. You can use your bathroom’s door back by putting Towel Bar on it.

    A large portion of these items is accessible in natural and eco-accommodating materials. You can uncover these things from online stores.

  • Vancouver Building Code Bans Doorknobs In New Construction

    December 10, 2013 (Photos)

    ,,Starts next March Vancouver's building code will ban doorknobs in new construction,,  - The Vancouver Sun

    Door knobs also have a purpose to serve. In many cases they are considered as a safety feature. These locks are also very suitable in cases when opening the doors by children or pets on their own is unwanted. 

  • Bathroom Accessories Buying Guide

    December 06, 2013 (Photos)

    Bathroom Accessories Buying Guide

    A comfortable as well as beautiful bathroom would be something everyone loves to have in their homes. This could possibly be one of the many reasons why some people are particular about buying bathroom accessories. But, while buying beautiful bathroom accessories sets, one should make sure that they function properly too and are not just showpieces.

    During the process of designing a bathroom, certain things have to be taken care of, as a last minute purchase won’t help here. Here are some tips that you should consider before buying bathroom accessories.

    Know Your Budget

    You would definitely have a budget before buying anything and that applies here as well. You would want to buy new bathroom accessories even if you are remodeling the bathroom, but you would never want to waste money on something that is not worth. Keeping a budget will help you choose the bathroom accessories that are of good quality, not very expensive and also would suit your bathroom design. It is always better to buy things that meet your requirements than to have items only to show off.

    Have a Good Vision of What You Need

    Before going for shopping, be sure of the things you need. Take a look at your bathroom, check out what all you would want to place in there and make a list of it. Never get things that you would not use. Towel bar, robe hook, toilet paper holder, soap holder and cap holder are some of the items you would definitely have in your bathroom. You would not want to replace an item every now and then. So, choose the items considering their quality, lifespan and your budget.

    Choose Retailer - Don't be Brand Conscious

    You don’t really have to consider the brands while purchase for bathroom accessories. The brands you might have heard of may not be the best buy or of the best quality. Choose the retailer who sells quality products and seek guidance from there regarding the price, quality and every other requirement you have. Also, make sure that you don’t get carried away seeing all the attractive accessories that would never come useful to you.

    Get Familiar with Materials Used - Brass, Copper, Zinc Alloy

    The bathroom accessories are made from various materials such as brass, copper and zinc alloy. Each of these materials has different pricing and they have their own advantages and disadvantages.

    Brass: It is considered as the best material to make bathroom accessories. The brass accessories, especially faucets, would last for years and would not corrode or leak.

    Zinc Alloy: Bathroom sets made out of zinc and zinc alloy come for cheap rates but they are not durable.

    Copper: It provides an anti- microbial protection and hence the faucets and accessories made out of copper is a good choice for bath. The color of copper never changes too and has a warm feel and look.

    While buying the bathroom accessories, also consider the space available in the bathroom, its condition, the budget you have allotted and the functions you prefer to have. Don’t overdo nor miss anything, because once the whole bathroom is set, fixing another accessory that you have missed out can be a mess. Consider the warranty of the item too along with its quality. The bathroom’s design should also be considered because accessories are designed according to the design concept of the bathroom. For instance, a bathtub made for a traditional bathroom will not go well with a contemporary or a traditional one and vice versa.

    Knowing the materials and other features would definitely help while buying bathroom accessories. Never let yourself get cheated by the appearance, quality matter the most and that has to be kept in mind.

  • Choicelle Black Friday Week Has Begun !!!

    November 27, 2013 (Photos)
    • Bathroom Accessories Discount




    Check out the hottest Black Friday deals.

  • Hanging Robe Hook On Hollow Core Door

    November 14, 2013 (Video)

    Very useful idea on how to install robe hook on a hollow core door. That can prevent the door and your product from damage in the future.

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