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  • Instillation Instruction

    September 18, 2015 (Photos)
    • Installation Instruction
    List of tools required.
    ➢ Phillips screwdriver
    ➢ Level (Optional)
    ➢ Pencil
    ➢ Tape measure
    ➢ Drill and drill bit 1/4''
    Make sure you position the fully assembled unit on the wall where you want it to be fixed.
    Skillfully mark out lightly with a pencil a line of each base.
    Tip: if you are mounting the towel bar or paper holder with two posts, always ensure that the posts have equal distance from the ceiling.
    • Ensure that you mount the bracket at the centre within the outline and put a mark on the locations where you will fix the hole.
    Tip: per adventure you want to mount on a ceramic tile, make sure you place masking tape on the areas where you want to mount before marking out the location in other to prevent the drill from slipping.
    • Attach each mounting bracket to the wall 
    Flange side out, using the screws and nylon wall anchors, if required. It’s highly recommended  to mount directly into the wood studs.
    Tip: for tight and better hold, it is advisable you use a dab of caulking on the wall and also at the back of each back plate.
        • Back off the set screw from the bottom edge of the post base and ensure that you mount each base on the conforming mounting bracket. While you have the set screw face down, you will press the bottom fixture against the wall to tighten the set screw.
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    Preparation of residential and commercial doors for hardware and modification of wood and steel doors .

  • Bathroom Accessories Choicelle

    April 22, 2014 (Photos)


    Bathroom Accessories Choicelle

    While making our new home, we often ignore the importance of having a good quality bathroom. Your bathroom should be well maintained so you don’t feel embarrassed in front of your guests. The bathroom should look as beautiful as your home so that you feel joyous while using it. As the bathroom is the place where we repose and revive  ourselves after whole day’s work, it should be equipped with high quality bathroom accessories every step of the way.

    You should invest in branded bathroom hardware and bathroom accessories because they are of good quality and more durable, you won’t have to change them after 1 or 2 years. Branded bathroom accessories provide you great joy while using them and makes your bathroom look beautiful. It is necessary to have good quality bathroom hardware so that they are more durable. You can also opt for designer bathroom accessories which will make your bathroom look just as stylish as the rest of your home. Choicelle brings world class bathroom accessories and hardware that will help you get a modern and stylish bathroom in return.

    The Tiny Details Make A Huge Difference

    The bathroom should contain stylish bathroom towel bar which adds beauty to your bathroom. The towel bar may be rounded or rod shaped and should be of high quality. There are many companies which offer branded and designer towel bars. These companies offer towel bars of various designs among which you can pick that best that suites with the design of your bathroom.

    While making your bathroom make sure that robe hook you wish to install is matching with the internal design of your bathroom. The robe hook is used to hang your clothes on it, it should be of high quality so that it does not fall down when you are hanging your clothes on it. Robe hooks of various qualities and designs are available in the market. Before buying them you have to ensure that which one will fit best in your bathroom.

    Another very important thing in the category of bathroom accessories is the toilet paper holder. It is necessary to have a toilet paper holder in the bathroom so that there is no hurdle while using the toilet. The toilet paper holder can be the one which is fixed in the wall or a stand which can be kept on the floor. While designing your bathroom you have to keep in mind that which type of toilet paper holder will make your bathroom look more beautiful while simultaneously enhancing its functionality.

    • The bathroom ought to be designed in such a way that it matches with the design and color of your home.
    • The bathroom accessories and bathroom hardware should be of high quality.
    • The arrangement of bathroom hardware is just as important as its design or color.
    • Design and style should not come at the cost of functionality.
    • All bathroom accessories like towel bar, robe hook, and toilet paper holder should be easy to reach.
  • Bathroom Accessories Installation

    March 08, 2014 (Video)

    Bathroom Accessories Installation

    The bathroom is an important part of a home and it is the desire of every homeowner to embellish it with the best accessories to make it look more appealing. There are a number of bathroom accessories that are essential for every bathroom and are not just for show. Having them installed in the proper manner is important since they will be used on a consistent basis by everyone who visits the bathroom. The bathroom accessories whose installation should be handled with care include towel rings, towel bars, towel rails and toilet roll holders.

    Elevation for installing bath accessories

    The most important aspect that needs to be kept in mind when installing bathroom accessories is elevation. The height at which a towel rail or a toilet roll holder should be placed must be such that people reach them with ease. When installing bath accessories you have to keep in mind that they should be placed at a reasonable distance from the floor and other accessories to make it easier for the users to use them. There are many standards available which provide guidelines as to best elevation for installing each bath accessory. These guidelines should be followed since they can help you in fixing each accessory at the right height for all the users.  

    Bathroom Accessories Installations: Towel Ring

    Towel rings are an essential fixture that must be present in any bathroom. Its main task is to provide a place for hanging the towel. The placement of this important bath accessory should be done in such a way that users won’t have to bend or extend their arms too high for reaching. The perfect height at which this fixture should be installed lies in between 50 to 52 inches from the foot of the floor. This height is optimal because any person with a medium height can easily reach it without having to bend or extending his arm.

    If you have a vanity installed in your bathroom, then the towel ring should be placed about 20 to 22 inches on top of it. If your bathroom space is limited and you cannot fix the towel ring at the optimal height, then you should consider installing it at least above 36 inches since it is the minimum height at which the towel ring should be placed. A height of 18 inches is considered the minimum height for a wash cloth. Choosing Choicelle Hardware Inc for buying towel rings is beneficial because they offer Installation service as well.    

    Bathroom Accessories Installations: Towel Rail

    Towel rails are also among the bath accessories that you must have in your bathroom. Their main task is to keep the towels warm. The height at which a towel rail should be placed is about 48 inches from the foot of the floor. However, if the bathroom is in use of children, then the height of the towel rail should be different. Another thing to watch out for when determining the right height for installing a towel rail is the placement of the tiles and the electrical outlets. If you want to have more than a single towel rail installed in your bathroom then it is best to place the first rail at the highest possible height and then install the other rails underneath it at a distance of 2 inches below the towel that is kept on the first rail. If you choose Choicelle Hardware Inc then the task of installing a towel rail can become a lot easier for you since the towel rails of this company comes with a complete guide showing you how to install this fixture and at what height.  

    Bathroom Accessories Installations: Toilet Roll Holder

    The toilet roll holder is among the bathroom accessories without which a bathroom would be incomplete. This fixture should be installed at a height of about 19 inches above the floor. At this height the toilet roll holder would be very easy to reach for the person sitting on the commode. This height has been recommended by The Americans with Disabilities Act too, which shows that even a person suffering from any disability will have no difficulty in reaching the toilet roll holder when it is placed at this height. On the other hand The National Kitchen and Bath Association suggest placing the toilet roll holder at a height of about 26 inches from the foot of floor claiming that it is the right height for placing this fixture.

  • Functional Elegance For Your Bathroom

    February 02, 2014 (Photos)

    Functional Elegance for Your Bathroom


    There’s one only room in your home besides the bedroom where you regularly spend time each day, and that’s the bathroom. You don’t want your bathroom to look cheap, but it’s better not to spend thousands on renovations.


    All it takes is a good set of accessories to jazz things up. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars per accessory, but it pays to buy good-quality. For example, a towel hook made of real stainless steel stays elegant. Bathroom accessories are mostly hardware. They are functional and useful pieces. That’s why Choicelle includes the word “Hardware” in our name.


    You wouldn’t buy a necklace that would make a green ring around your neck, so don’t buy a cheap robe hook that is likely to rust around the edges, or a cheap towel bar whose metallic finish doesn’t endure against corrosion. When it comes to bathroom accessories, if an item is cheap to buy, it’s because it’s cheaply made.


    When you see the items at, you see quality. We’re talking hardware as durable as the hinges on your door. They last for years and that’s why you depend on them. Brass and  Zinc alloy are high-grade materials. The same metals are also used in Choicelle Hardware’s bathroom accessories. An occasional wiping is all the maintenance they’ll ever need.


    Choicelle makes the pledge for quality. That’s why you can shop with us online with total confidence.

    Choicelle Bathroom Accessories Sale is always on the rising side. We offer different sale items and keep everything reasonably priced all the time. When it comes to upgrade your bathroom, you can just leaf through our site; purchase the best bathroom accessories at the most cost effective rates.

    Is it possible to décor your entire bathroom for less than $200? Yes, It’s totally doable, and without sacrificing quality. Choose a five or six-piece set of hooks and towel bars for well under $100. You can choose stainless steel, copper, or brass. Add an extra robe hook, towel ring or anything else you need. Extras like these can be bought individually with no hassle. You won’t be forced to buy a whole extra set just because there’s one more thing you need to make your bathroom perfect!

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